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New York has two nicknames. One is Gotham, which was first used by Washington Irving in his work and is also the home of Batman. The other is Big Apple. The horse racing columns in the 1920s once referred to New York as the Big Apple to show its prominence in the horse racing industry. A campaign by the New York City Tourist Board brought the “Big Apple” back into popular culture, and the nickname is still popular today. The panorama of New York City in front of you is taken from the top of the Empire State Building. Empire State Building is New York's iconic cityscape and one of America's most-sought-after buildings, appearing in more than 250 movies.
The Times Square in New York City, a commercial intersection, is dubbed as the “Intersection of the World”. Due to its high popularity, many famous cities in the world have shopping malls or buildings named Times Square, such as the Times Square in Causeway Bay and the Times Square in Tuen Mun in Hong Kong. The southernmost financial district of New York, led by Wall Street, is known as the financial center of the world, and the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street is the exchange with the largest trading volume in the world. Besides these, can you find other world-famous places in the panorama of New York City?
When you click the panorama of New York, what you will see is not just a picture of New York, but also details hidden in the city that can only be discovered by zooming in. Looking to the east, the tallest building you will see is the CNN tower in New York. If you zoom in on the top floor of the building, you will find a viewing platform, while below you will find a small apartment.
Zoom in on any street in the panorama of New York City and you will see the street is bustling with people. The blue bikes, parked on the side of the road, are American shared bikes. Nearby, some vendors are selling things. Looking to the east through the towers, next to the harbor is a museum called the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. A row of American flags are hanging on the ships, large and small planes are lined up intact, and tourists come and go for sightseeing. If you explore the air in this direction, you may also find a helicopter glowing in the sunset.
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