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The Eiffel Tower was built for the proposed 1889 Exposition Universelle, a world's fair to celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower was initially criticized by countless people. Now there are more than 30 towers built in imitation of it in the world, which is a miracle in the history of world architecture.
As the tallest structure in Paris, the Eiffel Tower has three levels for visitors. After field investigation, the BIGPIXEL team decided to photograph on the second level at the height of 115.7 meters where we can see more details of the whole city than on the third level. The team spent more than four hours taking more than 5,000 photos and took two months to complete the panorama of Paris, through which you can explore the city as if you are personally there just by zooming in and out. (Picture of Parc du Champ de Mars)
Click the panorama of Paris, and you may wonder why you cannot see the Eiffel Tower. That is because we were taking photos on the Eiffel Tower. However, you will see the Parc du Champ de Mars, which was built to celebrate the centennial of the Eiffel Tower. It is a scenic spot for tourists and a good place for Parisian citizens to have a rest. The tall building visible in the distance is Tour Maine-Montparnasse, the tallest skyscraper in Paris, which is 210 meters high.
Looking to the right and zooming in, you will find a five-ring Olympic symbol made of flowers on a row of pale orange roofs on one side of the Seine River. It is a martial arts school named Afac Sport Salle Rdc Gym Emile Anthoine.
On the Île aux Cygnes, a small artificial island in the Seine, you can see a replica of the Statue of Liberty. If you continue to zoom in, you will find, with her back to the Eiffel Tower, she is turning her face to New York. It is a gift from the American expatriate community in Paris after the city gave America the famous Statue of Liberty in New York. It has become the symbol of America - France friendship, conveying the people’s lofty ideal of seeking democracy and freedom.
Looking across the Seine River toward the northwest, you will see the tall buildings in the center business district of the city. If you zoom in, you will see the La Grande Arche de la Défense standing between the skyscrapers. It is on the same axis with the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, the Avenue des Champs Elysees and the Place de la Concorde, all of which are symbols of ancient Paris, making a hybrid of the modern Paris and the ancient Paris. The city has a long history, is a perfect combination of modern and ancient style, and thus is a place wh
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