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When choosing a location, the BIGPIXEL team chose Hallgrimskirkja, a landmark that was said to have taken more than half a century to complete, thanks to funding from the church and donations from the faithful. The church's original design and organ-like appearance attract attention, as does a 72-meter tower that overlooks reykjavik and the surrounding mountains from a rooftop observation deck.
In front of the cathedral stands a statue of the famous Icelandic explorer Leifr Eiriksson. Many people say that it was not Columbus who first discovered and arrived in America, but this Icelander, who is credited with being the first European explorer to discover North America. The statue was a gift from the United States in his memory in 1930, and when enlarged, we can clearly see the great contributions he made at the bottom of the statue.
Look around reykjavik in Bigpixel Iceland, and you'll find well-proportioned buildings, no skyscrapers, small houses and buildings, mostly painted red and green on the walls and roofs. The main buildings of the city such as the Parliament hall and the government building are also built along the scenic Lake Tejonin in the center of the city. The streets in the city are not wide, and the streets in the old city are clear, giving people a neat, beautiful, quiet and graceful feeling.
The summers in Iceland are short and the temperature is very low, only 6 to 7 degrees Celsius. But icelanders' enthusiasm for summer is unabated. If you Look around reykjavik in Bigpixel Iceland , you'll find many locals wearing very little clothing, and even children playing in the streets in short sleeves. Iceland is famous for all kinds of smoked fish in the world, among which salmon and smoked trout are the top quality, which every tourist to Iceland has to taste. The so-called Icelandic fish we usually eat are transported by air, while here you can taste the most authentic, authentic and fresh Icelandic smoked fish.
Iceland is best known for its auroras, which attract millions of tourists from mid-September to March every year. If the skies are clear and the auroras are strong enough, you can see them dreamlike anywhere in the country, including downtown Reykjavik. Reykjavik's energy is mainly geothermal energy, rarely using oil, coal and other resources, so the urban pollution level is very low, and has the reputation of "smokeless city". If you have a chance to visit Reykjavik, be sure to see the auroras, volcanoes, waterfalls, geothermal springs, ancient glaciers and experience Iceland at its purest and most primitive.
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