BigPixel World Issue 9: The Great Wall
The Great Wall is a symbol of China, of which the Badaling section is the most famous. In October 2018, the BIGPIXEL team visited the Badaling Great Wall and photographed it, aiming at bringing you close to the magnificent Great Wall.
The Badaling Great Wall in Yanqing District, Beijing, known for its magnificent landscape and profound historical and cultural significance, is a world-famous tourist resort. The BIGPIXEL team took photographs on the North 4th Tower where we can see what 1 Chinese Yuan banknote depicts. From here, we can not only capture the majestic and precipitous scenery of the Great Wall in the distance, but also see the magnificent wall spiraling from north to south among the mountains.
When you click the panorama of the Badaling Great Wall, the first thing you will see is the sentence "不到长城非好汉 (meaning “Only the true men never fail to get to the Great Wall” in English)" carved on a monument, which is from a poem written by chairman Mao, “不到长城非好汉,屈指行程二万 (meaning “Only the true men never fail to get to the Great Wall. We have already covered twenty thousand li in all” in English)". If you continue to zoom in, you may wonder if the word "非" is wrong. In fact, the word "非" on the monument is the cursive writing of "非", not the complex form of "非".
People who climb the Great Wall are "heroes". Besides taking photos with the Great Wall, you can also get a certificate of "Heroes of the Great Wall" by presenting the ticket of the Great Wall.
Looking to the left, you will see the old brick wall stretch like a dragon on mountains under the vast sky. You can even see the beacon tower in the farthest distance. In ancient times, the beacon towers were built to prevent the invasion of the enemy. If intruders approached, soldiers on the towers would create smoke in the daytime and light a fire at night to warn their troops. Both of the mountains in the east and west of Badaling Great Wall have a pier. If you visit Beijing, be a “hero”!
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