50,000 times magnification of Phuket Island 2
Pinch open more wonderful, 360 degree rotation for viewing
Mahya Bay is the place where the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Beach was filmed. Following the popularity of the film, Mahya Bay became world famous and now is one of the hottest tourist destinations. It is located at the Phi Phi Le Island, one of phuket's outlying islands, surrounded on three sides by cliffs up to 100 meters high. The BIGPIXEL team took photographs on a high rock near the beach where the sea, the beach, the crowd and the cliffs can be fully photographed. Through the panorama of Mahya Bay, you can see the soft white beach, the calm blue sea and the seabirds. By zooming in on the panorama, you can even see the expressions and movements of people on the beach and other details, as if you were on there.
Click the panorama of the Phi Phi Islands, you can see a black heron standing on a rock and seeming to stare at a boy swimming in the sea with a winged eagle tattooed on his body. If you continue to zoom in, you can even see the little fishes in the water.
Looking to the left, you can see a boy bend down using his fingers to write on the ground; in the distance, when the shadow of the cliff is maximized, you can see two girls who are smoking, and on their lower left, a couple who are kissing.
Then turn to the sea, and you can see the green sea, which is like a huge, clean "jelly". Several cruise ships and wooden boats are docked on the shore, and groups of people are playing, among which some young people are playing the game of building pyramid. If you want to go to the beach of Mahya Bay, you can experience the panoramic view of Mahya Bay before you go to Phuket!
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