195 Billion Pixels to see Shanghai
Pinch open more wonderful, 360 degree rotation for viewing Lujiazui is the economic hub of Shanghai, and is also a window to show the world China's economic boom.
The “195-billion-pixel super panorama of Shanghai” that went viral on the internet before has once been used by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government to introduce Shanghai at the Expo Milano 2015. During President Xi Jinping's visit to Europe in 2019, a special exhibition named "See China through 100-billion-pixel panoramas" was held, at which panoramas including the said super panorama of Shanghai were displayed. During the exhibition, such high-definition images not only shocked foreign friends, but also allowed them to see and feel the real China up closely.
At the beginning of the project, the BIGPIXEL team decided to take on the new challenge of breaking the record of 10-billion-pixel panoramas and trying to create works composed of 100 billion pixels. It was a great challenge because the splicing technology we applied before cannot be used to make such works and there were more photos and data required to be processed. We also faced other difficulties such as network deployment and loading. However, we were ambitious and overcame such difficulties one by one. We took more than 8,700 photographs from the 230-meter Oriental Pearl Tower for 4 hours and took 2 months to complete this amazing work. Through the work, you can have both panoramic and close-up views of Shanghai.
Click the super panorama, and you will see the Huangpu River, which divides Shanghai into two parts: Pudong and Puxi. The most famous place in Puxi is the Exotic Building Clusters in the Bund of Shanghai, which is known as one of the most charming landmarks in Shanghai and is also the place with the largest flow of people in Shanghai. If you zoom in on the panorama, you can even see every visitor clearly. If you come to Shanghai, you are advised not to sleep in but to take part in the morning exercise here. It is a pleasure to play Tai Chi with the locals in the most beautiful riverside. You are also advised to take a boat tour of the Huangpu River at night to feel the integration of modern and classical styles of the two sides, which we believe will be an unforgettable experience.
Across the river from the Bund is the famous Lujiazui international financial zone, one of the world's top five financial centers and a symbol of the great changes in China within the three decades after the reform and opening up policy was carried out. The three tallest buildings are the Shanghai Tower, the World Financial Center and the Jinmao Tower. These 3 towers have been dubbed "the three-piece kitchen set" by the humorous people in Shanghai due to their resemblance to a “bottle opener”, "whisk” and “syringe”. When you visit Shanghai, you are advised to come here to have a wide view of Shanghai and experience the "magic" of the city, the coexistence of the old and the new, and the hybrid of the east and the west.
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