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When shooting BigPixel Budapest, the BigPixel team chose the Mátyás Templom as their location. Because here, you can see the whole of Budapest. It is one of the symbols of Budapest, but also a unique model of neo-Gothic church, as Hugo described "Mátyás Templom is a symphony of stone". From here, you can see the whole city, whether in The Persian style of Turkey or the Gothic style of Germany, in Budapest. You can feel it in Budapest whether it is the blood of a nomadic people buried deep in their bones, or the rebellious gypsy spirit of Byzantium, which values tradition.
If you open the BigPixel Budapest, zooming in on the steeples on both sides of the church, you will find a statue of a crow with a gold ring in its mouth! About Hungary crow statue has two arguments: a crow is said with the kingship ring cited horse in Paris and return home to do the emperor, another way of saying that the raven away poison rings which saved the horse and 11 life, from then on, the crow is added on his horse and assorted family emblem, also became the symbol of auspicious in Hungary.
The Mátyás Templom was also the site of the coronation of many Hungarian Kings and queens, so you could also call it the coronation Church. For example, the world-famous Princess Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie and Emperor Franz were crowned in this church with great pomp.
After entering BigPixel Budapest, you will find that the city is divided in two by the Danube river, with Buda on the west bank (right bank) and Pais on the east bank (left bank). Eight Bridges connect the two Banks. Facing the Danube river, the bridge on the right is the chain Bridge, also known as the Cecheni Bridge or The Cecheni Chain Bridge. It is the most representative bridge in Budapest, as well as a symbol and landmark of the city. Through magnifying ceaselessly you can discover, the bridgehead of both sides is two tall and magnificent stone arch of triumph of build by laying bricks or stones, put to the biggest even can see arch to act the role ofing is exquisite, base solemn atmosphere, the stone lion of bridge head of both sides also shape is different.
Following the Danube river to the right, on Gellérthegy in the distance, the largest bronze statue with two hands holding palm leaves is the Statue of Liberty of Hungary. It is also called Aqua Statue of Liberty after the Statue of Liberty in the United States. Built in memory of the Soviet army that defeated the Nazis, the statue is flanked by two bronze statues: a woman holding a torch and a man holding an iron fist, imposing and sacred.
Budapest is also known as the "Capital of Hot springs". If you come to Budapest in the future, one thing you must not miss is the spa. Budapest has more than 100 hot springs, the most famous of which is the Ceceni Spa behind Piazza Heros, the largest medicinal spa in Europe, which is rich in sulfate, potassium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals. The bath is surrounded by a ring of baroque architecture and, to be honest, is not an open-air bath at all, but a large plaza where you can enjoy electronic music in addition to a hot spring. With the fog curling up, and the large open pool, this place will definitely give you an unprecedented experience! Budapest, a charming tourist city, has been described by some as "God's emerald on earth" and by UNESCO as "an outstanding example of the world's urban landscape". In 1987, UNESCO added parts of Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube river and the Buda Castle area, to the World Heritage List as cultural heritage sites. If you have the opportunity to come here, be sure to walk around, visit the city, and feel Budapest's deepest cultural imprint.
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