50,000 times magnification of Nice
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(rudi saar, deputy mayor of nice city, meets li huamin, CEO of Bigpixe technology)

In order to show the most beautiful sceneries of Nice, after field investigation, the team finally decided to take photographs from the Castle Hill of Nice. It is the highest place of the city, where we can overlook the whole city from 270 degrees and have a panoramic view of the Old Town of Nice, the Bay of Angels (Baie des Anges) and the Port of Nice.
However, the team needed to figure out how to integrate photos taken from different perspectives on the top of this huge mountain into one panorama. The team finally decided to show the whole Nice in an over-integrated manner. Therefore, this panorama can give you a wider view of Nice than you personally see Nice there. The team spent more than 5 hours on taking more than 9,000 photos, and it took another 2 months to integrate the photos taken from three perspectives into one, thus creating the world's first big-pixel panorama of Nice.
Through it, you can have both panoramic and close-up views of Nice and explore the secrets of the city just with your fingertips.
(I Lover Nice sign)
(A French sundial)

Click the panorama of Nice, and you will see a row of orange-roofed houses, and if you zoom in on the panorama, you can see a viewing platform with the “I Love Nice” sign. Behind the platform are the Bay of Angels and the beach, so it's a perfect place to take photos. Many visitors take photos sitting on the letter "C". There is a pattern next to the “I Love Nice” sign. When you zoom in on the panorama, you will find it is a “French sundial” with N meaning “north” and numbers and lines showing the time.
(Bay of Angels seen from the Castle Hill)

Turning to the sea, you will see the sea is as blue as a sapphire. There are people lying, standing, sitting or enjoying themselves on the beach. The beach of the Bay of Angels is not a common one with fine sands. It is covered by pebbles that have been washed again and again by the seawater and lost their edges and corners.
If you continue to zoom in on the panorama, you will find that most people on the beach are lying on a blanket under which are the pebbles "heated" by the sun. The tourists seem to be contented, so we can imagine it is a very comfortable experience.
(Promenade des Anglais next to the Bay of Angels)

The Promenade des Anglais is next to the Bay of Angels and is also known as the “Walkway of the English”. It is a famous promenade in Nice, 5 kilometers long. On this promenade, various outdoor activities are held, such as art exhibition, carnivals of Nice, flower parade and so on. In the morning or at dusk, the Promenade des Anglais is full of runners, cyclists or skateboarders.
For the local people, sports are no longer just about keeping fit, but a lifestyle that has been a part of their daily life. When you visit Nice, you are advised to take a walk on the Promenade des Anglais to feel the wind and sunshine near the sea and experience the local life.
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