50,000 times magnification of Barcelona
Pinch open more wonderful, 360 degree rotation for viewing
In choosing their location, Bigpixel team chose Barcelona's 360-degree observation deck, which locals prefer to call Bunkers. This is the highest point of Barcelona, overlooking the whole of downtown Barcelona. Enter Bigpixel Barcelona and look into the city from an observation deck view and you will find three long streets in a straight line stretching out into the distance. In fact, there is a "latticed city" in Barcelona. The whole city is like a chessboard: the streets are horizontal and vertical, and the houses and buildings are square, like small castles in the form of nine palaces. From a bird's eye view, you can see that the whole city is almost made up of 100 meters by 100 meters, and hundreds of squares are neatly arranged in a grid, like a computer circuit board. But there is no doubt that it is the unique urban planning in the world that makes Barcelona so accessible.
If you go on, you'll find that many of the buildings in Barcelona are very old and very old, but they're not as beautiful as they used to be, especially in the old town near the coast. This is one of Barcelona's oldest and most popular tourist areas and the heart of the city. It's worth noting that many people call this area "BarrioChino," meaning "Chinatown." In fact, there aren't many Chinese here at all, and you can't see the bustling "Chinatowns" of other big foreign cities. Come to the old city, walking in the old Shanghai lane like the small streets, have a sense of time and space. The alleys were narrower than the old Shanghai lilong, and people upstairs on either side of them opened their Windows and seemed to pass things to each other without problem.
Barcelona Football Club, also known as Barca, is located in the city of Barcelona. By putting Bigpixel Barcelona, we can get a clear view of the team's home stadium, the Camp Nou. With a seating capacity of nearly 100,000 spectators, it is the largest football stadium in Europe. Every major match as the home, here gathered fans from all over the world.
Barcelona is also known as the City of Gaudi because Gaudi's works seem to have infused the city with its soul. From the House of Batro, The House of Mira and The Park Guel, to Barcelona's landmark Sagrada Familia, which caught the eye from the moment it entered the bigpixel barcelona . It is designed by the famous Spanish architect Gaudi. It is the only unfinished building in the world that has been listed as a World Heritage site. It is also known as "a masterpiece of the world that has not been finished but has not been finished". Gaudi formally took over the design and construction of the Sagrada Sagrada in 1883 until his death in a car accident in 1926. During the Spanish Civil War, most of gaudi's materials, designs and models of the Sagrada Sagrada were destroyed by anarchists, and construction was not resumed until 1952. Since the sagrada Family church was built on a budget of personal donations and entrance fees, it was only intermittently constructed. "My 'client' was not in a hurry," Gaudi said, after someone questioned why the church had been so long and unfinished. His "client" was really "God". Gaudi said that "the line belongs to man and the curve to God," and he proved it in the construction of the Sagrada Sagrada basilica, which has no line or plane but is made of spirals, cones, hyperbolas and parabola.
The grandeur of the mountains and the tenderness of the Mediterranean beaches, the music and dance of Spain, the passion of the Barcelona fans and the art hidden in the architecture are all worth savoring this compact but small city. Some people say that Storming is the best way to see the city, I agree. After all, you can measure the breadth of the city with your feet, and you can also find its depth. Falling in love with Barcelona may only take a moment, but to truly understand it, only coming once must not be enough.
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