BigPixel World Issue 12: Guangzhou
Guangzhou is the “south gate of China” and the leading city of China's “Belt and Road Initiative”. Click below to explore BigPixel Guangzhou.
In June, Guangzhou was still in the rainy season. In order to capture the most beautiful scenery of Guangzhou, the team waited for ten days in Guangzhou and finally created this panorama of Guangzhou. The photos are taken by a drone from the Parc Central on the north bank of the Pearl River, which is on the same axis with the Canton Tower, the Haixinsha Park and the Huacheng Square. From a bird's eye view, the Parc Central looks like two fishes swimming around in a swirling circle. The designer calls it the "double carp" design. Do you know why it is designed like this?
Click the panorama of Guangzhou, and you will see the Canton Tower behind the clusters of buildings, a landmark of Guangzhou. It is the world's tallest television and sightseeing tower. The lower and upper parts of the tower are wide and its middle part thin, looking like a female with a very thin waist, so the tower is affectionately given the nickname “xiao man yao” (meaning thin waist in English). It boasts the world's highest outdoor viewing platform at 450 meters and the world's highest horizontal ferris wheel, which can offer a panoramic view of Guangzhou.
Behind the Parc Central is the Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium, which is the largest stadium in Guangzhou. Since the 2011 season, it has been used by Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club as the home stadium and the famous Tianhe business circle around it has been gradually formed. If you continue to zoom in on the panorama, you can see many citizens playing football and baseball on the surrounding basketball courts and the football fields.
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