50,000 times magnification of Hong Kong
Pinch open more wonderful, 360 degree rotation for viewing
The Victoria Peak is a perfect place to overlook the whole of Hong Kong and many cover photos of Hong Kong are taken here, so we also chose to take photographs here to give you a different experience. The BIGPIXEL team took more than 4,000 photos on the viewing platform and took another month to make the panorama of Hong Kong. You can zoom in on the panorama to experience the local customs and unique charm of Hong Kong as if you are personally there.
Click the panorama of Hong Kong, and then you can see Central District at the foot of the hill, the political and commercial center of Hong Kong, and also home to the city's government and many of its financial institutions. Looking to the right, you will see Causeway Bay, the busiest shopping and eating area in Hong Kong and also one of the city's prosperous night markets. At night, all the lights on the boats at typhoon shelters of Causeway Bay are on. Visitors can enjoy the night view of the harbor and sampans while enjoying the seafood on board. The island in the distance is Tsim Sha Tsui, a tourist area full of artistic atmosphere. There are many foreign tourists on the streets, and you can learn about the religions and cultures of different countries, as if you are in a foreign country.
Then pay your attention to the Victoria Harbor, where cargo ships, sailboats, sampans and luxury cruise ships are sailing, which together with the clusters of skyscrapers, form a unique landscape. If you want to visit the whole Victoria Harbor, the star ferry is your best choice because it is both convenient and cheap. At dawn and dusk, you can also watch the sunrise and sunset from the boat, which is definitely not to be missed. Visitors from all over the world, whether on cruise ships or on viewing platforms on both sides of the river, can enjoy the unique scenery of Victoria Harbor and feel the spirit and temperament of the city behind it. In Hong Kong, people come together to survive downs and ups; and below the Lion Rock, people on the same boat are helping each other. The Victoria Harbor amidst the winds of change, together with the twinkling lights and the people who never stop moving forward, builds the image of a strong Hong Kong.
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